Nine Ways Writers Can Celebrate International Writers’ Day

BY HANNAH GUY • February 25, 2022

Nine Ways Writers Can Celebrate International Writers’ Day

Writers and authors, it’s all yours: March 3 is International Writers’ Day.

No matter where you are in your career or hobby, you should celebrate not only yourself but also this wonderful (if sometimes painful) occupation. We write because we love it. It is our profession, our consolation, our confessor, our grief, and sometimes our very soul.

So, all ye writers and authors, what might you do to celebrate your day? Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started.


Some of us don’t like to celebrate, and a lot of us have a really hard time celebrating ourselves. Sometimes the best way to honor your day and your passion is to just sit your butt down and write your heart out.

Take a holiday.

Some people take the day off and celebrate their birthdays or special occasions. Why not this one? Sure, it’s not strictly observed, but why not take a vacation day and spoil yourself a bit? Nothing says “I’m celebrating my day as a writer” better than relaxing, curling up with a great book, and ordering in delicious food. Sleep. Read. Watch a movie. Just don’t write.

Buy yourself cake.

I’m probably just one of those people who thinks cake—or some kind of delicious treat, because baked sweets aren’t everyone’s fave—is a lovely way to treat yourself in an affordable yet ridiculous manner. Go on. Put a candle on that cake. You deserve it.

Give back.

Some of us are fortunate to not only be writers and authors but to also be able to make a living doing so. If you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, this might be a good day to support various organizations and charities committed to literacy and creativity for underprivileged, marginalized, and struggling folks. Everyone deserves the right to enjoy books. To get started, check out these 14 Reputable Charities for Writing & Literacy from Writer’s Digest, or check out your local organizations. While it’s fun to spoil ourselves, it’s even more rewarding to help others.

Support a writer.

Writing is hard. Making a living from it is even harder, especially if you don’t have a backup source of income or financial support. Crowdfunding and donations are a great way to reach out and directly support struggling writers and authors. Chances are good you’ve enjoyed some saucy fanfic, a novel, or a short story on Wattpad, or even a free read that an author has given away. Most of these folks have a link to PayPal, Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee, or some other kind of fundraising program. The less a writer or author has to panic about putting food on their table, the more they’re able to concentrate on creating more books and content for you.

Buy books. Lots of books.

We all have tall stacks of TBR (to be read) books, but the best way to treat yourself and other writers is to buy books, which supports the authors, publishers, and other book professionals who work so hard to bring you delicious book joy. Stressed out by acquiring more books? Send them to friends and family and let them know why you’re celebrating.

Send yourself flowers.

Not everyone loves flowers, but the idea here is to have something delivered to you like it’s a special day. Flowers, cookies, more books—whatever. You can even send yourself a gift like a luxury notebook (like the Apica CD premium notebook or Public Supply soft cover notebook) or a fab new pen that will make writing feel even nicer.

Write something completely new and share it for free.

It doesn’t need to be the length of a book, but maybe just for this one day a year, write something completely different than what you usually write or publish. Maybe it’s a silly haiku, or a heartrending romance short story. Maybe it’s a personal essay. And haven’t you always wanted to try your hand at writing a TV pilot? This is a great day to step outside your brand and try something new.

Take a moment to be thankful.

I know gratitude is something of an oversell these days, but while writing can be a challenging and often frustrating pastime and occupation, it can also be rewarding. Not everyone gets to make a living by hammering out words and sentences on a keyboard. Today is definitely the day to remind yourself that being a writer is fully excellent.

Hannah Guy lives in Toronto and is a professional writer and copywriter who specializes in books, books, and more books. Follow her on Twitter at @hannorg.

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