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by Todd Tarpley ; illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-316-34122-6
Publisher: Little, Brown

Heck hath no fury like a toy whose playtime has been interrupted.

Tarpley offers up another misbehaving toy trio with a kid thrust into the role of parent (Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep!, 2015). On a sunny day, a hard hat–clad child scooters to the playground, taking three toy trucks along. The trucks thoroughly enjoy whirring, grinding, chomping, and more. Three times their child guardian tells them they must leave, and two times they whine to stay longer—pitching an all-out hissy fit the third. Soothed in her arms (in a surprise twist, the child’s construction helmet is removed to reveal a ponytail and the narrative introduces the feminine pronoun), they calm down and are brought home to dream of digging adventures to come. Tarpley keeps the short and rhyming text perky with blessedly perfect scansion. And thanks to the positioning of child as parental figure, kids may find themselves sympathizing with both the temper-tantrum–ers and the temper-tantrum–ee. Pleasant, cartoonish art rendered in watercolors, pastels, and colored pencils give the book a mild jolt of pep.

This surefire hit with construction fans happily bestows some much-needed sympathy on those caregivers wrangling with little “trucks” of their own.

(Picture book. 3-6)