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LOOK! by Ted Lewin Kirkus Star


From the I Like To Read series

by Ted Lewin ; illustrated by Ted Lewin

Pub Date: March 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-8234-2607-2
Publisher: Holiday House

With wide-eyed amazement, a boy observes animals on the African savanna.

“Look! An elephant eats.” Two giraffes drink at a water hole. A solitary warthog snuffles in the dirt. A gorilla peers out from behind stalks. Wild dogs alertly listen. Zebras gallop, and monkeys perch high in a tree. Hippos open their mouths in the water, and a rhino sleeps. Now circle back to the boy as he reads a story to his stuffed animals and goes to sleep with his favorite, an elephant, close by. Lewin, the intrepid world traveler and accomplished painter of animals in their natural habitats, gives each a double-page spread and uses pencil and watercolors to showcase them in the shimmering sun of the savanna. Beginning readers will enjoy each repetition of “look,” the short declarative sentences used for each of the animal activities, and the large font. Adults sharing this title will appreciate the connections made between the text and the pictures.

A satisfying challenge and a fun animal adventure made thrilling by Lewin’s characteristically spectacular use of light.

(Early reader. 2-6)