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HOORAY FOR KIDS! by Suzanne Lang


by Suzanne Lang ; illustrated by Max Lang

Pub Date: March 15th, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-553-53783-3
Publisher: Random House

Rhyming verse explores individuality among kids.

“Some kids are sloppy. / Some kids are neat. / Some kids chew their food so / you can see what they eat.” Some pick their noses, some wear socks with sandals, some leap, some crawl, some prefer the sand to the water. Whether one is a “shy kid, / a pie kid, / an always-asking-why kid...a book kid, / a hook kid, / a really-loves-to-cook kid, / to all kids we say, // each one of you is special. / KID, KID, HOORAY!” As the kids are all animals, size and race are not attributes addressed, but the illustrations do show kids with disabilities—the kid who paints does so digitally from a wheelchair, and the “book kid” reads Braille. Max Lang’s illustrations are a mix of photo backgrounds and props and expressive cartoon animals cut from white paper and still sporting white borders. Not all the rhymes work well: “Some kids are good at math. / Some kids need lots of sleep. // Some kids run real fast. / Some kids love to eat.” And the illustration for this last is a bit troubling—of the six watching the racers while stuffing their faces, only one could be said to have a waistline.

Still, the Langs get across that there are all types of kids in this world, and teachers could easily springboard to asking students to write about themselves.

(Picture book. 3-6)