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WHOSE BABY IS THIS? by Stéphanie Babin


by Stéphanie Babin ; illustrated by Camille Tisserand ; translated by Wendeline A. Hardenberg

Pub Date: Feb. 2nd, 2021
ISBN: 978-2-408-02389-8
Publisher: Twirl/Chronicle

Some babies look like their parents—but some do not!

In this fetchingly illustrated, slide-the-tab book from France, young readers learn about insects, birds, and animals that inhabit a range of familiar ecosystems, including ponds, forests, meadows, and mountains. On each page, children slide a tab with a labeled picture of a creature early in its life cycle to reveal what the creature will look like as an adult. Babin includes a variety of intuitive choices, such as otters and their pups, as well as less predictable pairs like tadpoles and frogs and dragonflies and larvae. (The “kid” that grows into a “sheep” may raise eyebrows.) The text is cleverly integrated into illustrations of animals, insects, and birds in their habitats and is rendered in the first person, implying that each creature is speaking directly to readers about its habitat, feeding habits, and life cycle. A baby otter, for example, says that it is a good swimmer like its mother; a caterpillar says that when it gets older it will grow wings. Each two-page spread is packed with facts that are perfect for very young naturalists. The use of baby animals as narrators combined with the slide-the-tab design makes this book incredibly inviting to young readers, although the lack of narrative structure may make it challenging for group read-alouds.

An innovative approach to teaching children about ecosystems and life cycles.

(Board book. 1-4)