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illustrated by Roxie Munro & developed by OCG Studios

Pub Date: March 25th, 2011
Publisher: OCG Studios

Munro (Eco-Mazes, 2010, etc.) shifts into high gear with this new—and first digital—addition to her labyrinthic series.

Composed as a single wordless maze split into no fewer than 15 screens, a network of roadways meanders through city and suburb, countryside, construction site, industrial park and other environments. Players choose one or more of five customizable cars and set out. They “drive” with a fingertip from scene to scene while searching for over 80 letters, numbers, animals or other small items concealed within the busy, finely detailed cartoon landscapes. Small animations and touch-activated sound effects add even more to discover in each scene. Be warned, though: This outing is not for novices or impatient drivers. There are no shortcuts, and there is no way to see more than one screen at a time. Although the artist does provide a complete key to the route, it’s only viewable at the very beginning. Furthermore, adjacent segments of the maze have but one “correct” entrance each. What with the plethora of barricades, one-way streets and other obstacles it’s tough to retrace dead-end routes quickly. Persistent puzzle-hounds, however, will adore this.

Challenging? For sure. To the point of frustration? Very possibly. Lively, engrossing and well designed? Definitely.

(iPad game app. 7-10)