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SIX LITTLE BIRDS by Olivia Cosneau


by Olivia Cosneau ; illustrated by Olivia Cosneau & Bernard Duisit ; translated by David Henry Wilson

Pub Date: May 28th, 2019
ISBN: 978-3-89955-828-9
Publisher: Little Gestalten

As the seasons turn, six nestlings have different experiences in pop-up scenes.

The narrative, translated from the French, reads like a nursery rhyme: “Six young nuthatches fly the nest. / The first one has found the food she likes best.” Others like to sing, narrowly escape a “bird of prey,” or join a varied flock of fellow birds on a wintry perch. Within an extra-tall trim that suits the subject matter, Duisit’s tidy pop-ups include an excellent, large sunflower, neatly branched tree trunks, and birds that flit or stretch realistically. Cosneau’s stylized avians are also pleasingly neat—sometimes a little hard to make out against too-busy backdrops but usually standing out clearly enough thanks to contrasting and sometimes-flamboyant plumage. Rather than a nesting scene to bring the annual round full circle, the final double-page spread features a number of different birds pairing off as, in the foreground, the sixth nuthatch performs a courtship dance for a prospective mate. The rhyme ends, appropriately, with a suggestive ellipsis….

A woodsy outing for younger readers with an affinity for feathered folk.

(Pop-up/picture book. 3-5)