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PIGGIES IN THE KITCHEN by Michelle Meadows


by Michelle Meadows & illustrated by Ard Hoyt

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4169-3787-6
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Mama pig heads out shopping. Papa pig decides to cut the grass. The five little piglets have a secret plan. “Piggies in the kitchen, / climb up to the top. / Dig through all the cupboards— / careful not to drop!” They just get the batter started: “GLUP, GLUP, / OINK, OINK—pour another cup. / VROOM, VROOM, VROOM, VROOM— / ‘Someone’s driving up!’ ” They hide everything they can and try to look inconspicuous. “SNIP, SNAP go the blinds. / ‘Is Mama coming NOW?’ / ‘Nope, it isn’t Mama! / It’s only Mrs. Cow.’ ” All the piggies get back to baking. Despite two more false alarms and discovery by Papa, they get all their treats made in plenty of time to surprise their mother with cookies, pie, cake—and a clean kitchen. Happy Birthday, Mama! Meadows’ syncopated, onomatopoeic, rhyming text of piggie party planning will get toes a-tapping and prompt participation from storytime audiences. Hoyt’s pudgy, expressive piglets rendered in pale watercolors and pen and ink are culinary cuties. Likely to inspire copy-pig messes in a kitchen near you. (Picture book. 3-7)