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From the Walnut Animal Society series

by Lauren Bradshaw ; illustrated by Wednesday Kirwan

Pub Date: April 17th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-944903-12-1
Publisher: Cameron + Company

The six members of the Walnut Animal Society are gathering for their monthly Society Soirée, but will Magnolia the Bunny be finished with her presentation in time?

All the friends are pitching in to help with the setup, and all are excited…except for Magnolia. It’s taken months for the rabbit cartographer to explore and gather photos for her latest map, but there’s still a blank spot right in the middle. Margaux the Kitty offers to accompany Magnolia on her final foray, but the mountain they find in the map’s blank spot is steep and rather daunting. How will they reach the top? Luckily, Chester the Raccoon’s fishing hole is partway up the slope, and together the three friends push, pull, and boost one another to the top, where they find a magnificent waterfall and a perfect swimming hole. After enjoying the water, Magolia finishes just in time for the soirée, where she impresses all her friends with her map of their favorite places. Bradshaw’s follow-up to Henry’s Bright Idea (2016) extends her line of handmade stuffed toys. The anthropomorphized characters are drawn with long limbs and simple faces, their eyebrows and mouths carrying much of the emotional weight. It can be difficult, however, to tell species from the illustrations, especially Ruthie the Deer. Indeed, aside from coloration and the shape of the ears, all the heads are identical.

Budding explorers may find inspiration for their own gatherings and maps.

(Picture book. 4-8)