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CLASS CLOWN FISH by Kevin Sherry


From the Squidding Around series, volume 2

by Kevin Sherry ; illustrated by Kevin Sherry

Pub Date: May 18th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-338-63670-3
Publisher: Graphix/Scholastic

Deep under the sea, a tempestuous squid must contend with his temper.

Following the events of Fish Feud (2020), Squizzard Silvershell, a hotheaded, tomato-red squid, is mad. After submitting his comics to a magazine contest, he learns he has lost, and his anger is festering. Deciding mischief will cheer him up, he pulls a prank on his teacher, Mr. Cuker. He is immediately sent to Principal Kraken and put in detention for a week, which causes him to miss the Coral Carnival. In detention, he and sea urchin Annie, a fellow student under punishment, help crossing guard Mr. Jaleel, an eel, clean the basement. Squizzard eventually comes to understand why his behavior was inappropriate, coming to a simply reasoned contrition. Sherry’s oceanic graphic offering is high on pep and alluring, vibrantly colored art, threading information about marine life throughout the narrative. This second volume in the series loses a bit of momentum, though; those who enjoyed Squizzard’s previous benign naughtiness may find his rapid repentance a bit hurried. Multiple plot threads are easy enough to follow but seem a bit cramped. Sherry’s illustrations are bright and expressive, with more flashy colors than a well-stocked aquarium carrying the short chapters; economically worded panels keep the pages moving along swimmingly. Quibbles aside, with its buoyant pacing and intriguing facts, it offers much to appreciate. Further facts on coral and instructions on making a newsletter follow the story.

A fun, quick dip.

(Graphic fantasy. 7-10)