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FREEDOM! by Frank  Le Gall


From the Miss Annie series, volume 1

by Frank Le Gall & illustrated by Flore Balthazar & Robin Doo & translated by Carol Klio Burrell

Pub Date: March 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7613-8546-2
Publisher: Graphic Universe

Miss Annie might just be a kitten, but she’s ready for adventure.

Four-month-old Miss Annie lives with The Dad, The Mom and young mistress Sarah—all of whom readers only see from the thighs down. Miss Annie defends her territory against potted plants and ventures on to The Dad’s desk despite stern warnings because pens and erasers are amusing. After all, there is little that a roll on the back and a purr can’t fix where humans are concerned. Miss Annie’s fondest wish is to go outside despite her mouse friend Keshia’s warnings of danger. When a window’s accidentally left open, Miss Annie leaps at the opportunity and meets old Zeno and beautiful Persian Rostropovna, who teach her about dogs and cars and invite her out to run the rooftops at night. Prolific French cartoonist Le Gall teams with debut graphic-novel illustrator Balthazar and colorist Doo for this first of two simultaneously published urban kitty adventures. In Rooftop Cat, Miss Annie gets a cat door, participates in a neighborhood cat fight with unfortunate results for Zeno and finds a male “friend” for Keshia.

A charming balance of cartoon and natural kitty-ness in full-color, eight-panel pages, this cat's-eye view of life will induce purrs in feline fans everywhere.

(Graphic fiction. 8-12)