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PIP & PUP by Eugene Yelchin Kirkus Star


by Eugene Yelchin ; illustrated by Eugene Yelchin

Pub Date: April 24th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-62779-394-0
Publisher: Godwin Books/Henry Holt

A newly hatched chick befriends a beagle puppy in this humorous, wordless picture book set outdoors on a farm.

The baby chick, identified as Pip in the title, hatches on the first page, emerging over the course of a series of six vignettes in a progressive illustration that sets the tone for the amusing expressions on the faces of the two main characters throughout the story. Pip immediately looks for a companion and spies a beagle puppy sleeping under a tractor. What happens when a chick pecks at a sleeping dog’s nose? Pup explodes with loud barks, and Pip runs right back to safety in the empty eggshell halves. There Pip shelters during a sudden thunderstorm. Pup is afraid of the thunder, so Pip offers one half of the eggshell as a rain hat for Pup. The two characters begin to play with the shells, and friendship and morning dawn at the same time. When Pup accidentally shatters the eggshells, the dog fetches a green ball, rolling it to Pip in a friendly gesture. The concluding page is open-ended, with Pip standing next to the ball, conveying possibilities that await readers’ interpretation (or a sequel). Charmingly varied illustrations with soft, cheery colors and speckled textures display a gamut of emotions from abject loneliness to blissful companionship.

A delightful tale that invites interpretation and almost demands giggles at the antics of the expressive chick and puppy.

(Picture book. 3-7)