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From the I Like To Read series

by Dan Moynihan ; illustrated by Dan Moynihan

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-8234-3196-0
Publisher: Holiday House

In this comical emergent reader, a half-dozen eggs that are past their sell-by date provide a big surprise when they hatch into baby dinosaurs.

The unnamed narrator of the story notices the eggs moving in their carton, and soon they’ve hatched into tiny dinosaurs that the boy’s mother mistakes for toys. The boy hides the six prehistoric reptiles, all different types, in his room for a while, with some funny results as he strives to keep his parents out of his room: “Don’t come in! I’m naked!” he lies. In fairy-tale fashion, the dinosaurs grow to full size rapidly, eventually bursting through the roof of the family home. The boy’s parents are surprised at this development but receptive to their new pets, and the dinosaurs are welcomed into the neighborhood. Watercolor illustrations with pen-and-ink outlines depict smiling dinosaurs with bulging eyes and mottled skin colors. The dinosaurs are all a friendly bunch, giving rides to the neighbor kids and a fast mode of aerial transportation for the boy’s mom to get to work. Though the story isn’t particularly inventive, the enduring popularity of dinosaurs reappearing in the modern age will make this a useful addition to collections for new readers in libraries and classrooms.

An intriguing cover, attractive, action-filled illustrations, and an amusing story add up to a beginning reader with solid appeal.

(Early reader. 5-8)