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A WEEK IN LATEEF'S WORLD by Charlotte Zolotow



by Charlotte Zolotow

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1970
Publisher: Crowell-Collier

A set of photos with captions that observation could supply without explanations that would convey knowledge. Lateef's circumstances are unusual—his family rents a houseboat on a Kashmiri lake to vacationers—which is itself a limiting factor, and his "world" has no other dimension. He goes to school (and learns what?), "today's class is held outdoors" (why?), "girls are taught at home" (again what?), classes are hold on only four days (always? why?); moreover, family roles are undefined, their religion unidentified, etc., etc. During the arbitrarily construed "week," the vegetable boat comes, Lateef and his father fish, he whispers with a friend, fondles a young chicken and suchlike—affording a glimpse of daily doings without a grasp of the milieu.