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HOW MANY DAYS TO AMERICA? by Beth Peck Kirkus Star


A Thanksgiving Story

illustrated by Beth Peck & by Eve Bunting

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1988
ISBN: 0395547776
Publisher: Clarion Books

A moving fictional presentation of the perilous voyage of a group of Caribbean refugees to this country. When the soldiers come, the narrator and his little sister hide under the bed, but they can see the soldiers' muddy boots. When they're gone, Father says, "We must leave right now. . .Because we do not think the way they think." Leaving behind their most cherished possessions, the little family boards a small, crowded fishing boat with other refugees. The motor fails; men from their own country shoot at them; traveling under sail, they find their food and water running out, mid people are ill. Thieves arrive by boat to take the little they have; on one shore, soldiers give them fruit but will not let them land. At last, on Thanksgiving Day, the refugees arrive in America, giving thanks for being free and safe at last—and believing that they can stay. Peck's beautiful full-color, double-spread illustrations capture the dignity and humanity of these humble folk, the somber night sky, and the sweep of the sea. A fine companion to Barbara Cohen's Molly's Pilgrim for broadening the Thanksgiving message—and a compassionate depiction of the plight of many of our recent would-be immigrants.