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Rohit Gupta has thirty years of international experience in the financial services industry. With a passion for personal finance education, he has published articles in The Business Times (Singapore), Smart Investor (Singapore and Malaysia), ThThThe Accountant (Australia), and The News (Bangkok). He also maintains a personal fi- nance portal:

Over his career, he has had the opportunity to work and live in six countries and through multiple crises: the Asian financial crisis (Indonesia, 1997); SARS (Singapore, 2002); the global financial crisis (Malaysia, 2007); swine flu pandemic (Mexico, 2009); and the eurozone debt crisis (Turkey, 2011). Yet the economies recovered and rebounded from each. What cannot be recovered is time lost.

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BY Rohit Gupta • POSTED ON Sept. 9, 2020

A manual offers an introduction to the basics of savings and investment.

Gupta cautions readers that it is “critical to build a second source of income that will allow you to live life on your terms.” He doesn’t mean a second job, just another opportunity to trade time for money, but rather a passive income that generates itself. To that end, the author focuses on the long-term results of savings—he recommends putting aside 12% to 15% of one’s income—and investment, both of which can produce extraordinary gains given the “magic of compound interest.” Gupta furnishes a brief—the entire book is under 100 pages—primer that is not meant to articulate very specific strategies or to limn an in-depth picture of the inner workings of the market. He explains the basic nature of stocks and bonds, the various kinds of funds one can invest in, and their comparative advantages and disadvantages. He also discusses, with great clarity and a minimum of technicality, mortgages, life insurance, market volatility, and the fundamentals of individual stock purchasing. He concentrates on providing a clear understanding of the most “basic concepts,” and as a result, this book will only be useful to those bringing virtually no knowledge or experience to the table. The underlying philosophy of his method is as lucid as it is sensible: “The plan at its core is simple: start saving early, invest as much as you can, and try to earn a reasonable rate of return.” But Gupta’s approach can be so simplistic that it borders on condescension—the first rule of his investment philosophy is “never lose money,” advice that is surely prudent but also banal. There are many books that deliver investment tips and include both more analytical depth and more actionable strategies.

A clear and sensible, if simplistic, financial guide.

Pub Date: Sept. 9, 2020

Page count: 114pp

Publisher: Self

Review Posted Online: Sept. 17, 2020

Ki$$ - stocks to build a second source of income